fallin great dane in bubble

Raining Cats & Dogs

These droplets are condensed to fit as many droplets to a page as possible to eliminate waste.

Make hanging mobiles or window decorations.

Easy Hanging Mobile

Print all eight pages of dog and cat raindrops on glossy photo paper.

Cut out all the droplets and match front to back.



Print pre-colored drops on glossy or matte photo paper.

  • Cut out each drop with scissors.
  • Match each image with its opposite.
  • Paste or glue rain drops front to back with their matching counterparts

Materials needed:

(Not all materials are necessary depending upon mobile style.)

  • Photo Paper Matte or Glossy Photo paper
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Rubber Cement or paste
  • Laminating paper (optional)
  • String, thin yarn, fishing line
  • Clothes hanger or wooden dowel about 1 1/2 foot long

instructions cats dogsicon

Ways to Assemble

Line up the cut-out droplets on a table or flat surface to arrange or map out various positions and placement of designs. Use your imagination. I measured 5 lengths of fishing line each about 3 feet long for the finished model example shown on this page. I did not choose to punch holes to string this sample. Instead, I coated each matching drop with rubber cement then centered the filiment line between each droplet before attaching the drops together front to back.

Decide which droplet goes where first. This way you can pre-punch the holes through which to string the droplets. Attach droplets individually on their own string to hang from a curtain rod or garland. Weave several droplets onto one string.

raining cats dogs mobileicon

Make a simple mobile by affixing multiple droplets to strings and tie each string onto a clothes hanger.

Make an "X" with wooden dowels or heavy cardboard from which to string the droplets.

Hang individual droplets from ceiling lights, tiles or pull chains of ceiling fans.

Don't string at all...just tape to windows to create a cat and dog rainstorm.

The phrase raining cats and dogs, or dogs and polecats (weasels), originated hundreds of years ago as an exaggerated means to describe the occurrence of very heavy rainstorms.

The first known uses of the phrase occurred in a 1651 collection of poems, Olor Iscanus "The Swan of Usk" by British poet Henry Vaughan, and Richard Brome, an English playwright.

When the local library representative told me the next upcoming art project theme is to be Raining Cats and Dogs, the idea of little raindrops carrying cats and dogs popped into mind as a cute idea for a hanging mobile.

Initially I wanted to create 3-D paper mache' droplets to paint and hang on the mobile frame, but as these illustrations progressed, I realized they would look equally cute simply printed out on glossy photo paper which I could cut out and hang on the mobile frame. So much less fuss and muss.

Then I realized all these funny falling cats and dogs in bubbles and water drops could benefit Scissorcraft members who might also wish to welcome the upcoming rainy season with hanging decorations, mobiles, window decals or sun catchers.

Materials To Keep On Hand

Paper Trivia: Did you know that you can only fold a sheet of printer paper in half seven times? Give it a try. It doesn't matter how thick or thin the paper is, once you get to the seventh fold, the paper will not bend or budge.

Sun catchers. To create a translucent, stained glass ornaments effect, apply a bit of lemon oil to the back sides of paper ornaments to create a.

Hang the ornaments on trees, in windows, anywhere bright colorful decorations are desired.

Construct a large paper-tree for the wall with shades of green construction paper. Draw a large tree on a sheet of easel pad paper to tack onto a wall or other flat surface, then decorate with paper ornaments.

  • Types of Paper:
    • Construction - many colors
    • Copier - many colors
    • Tissue
    • Crepe
    • Cardboard
    • Cardstock - many colors
    • Tracing
    • Water-color
    • Drawing
    • Onionskin
    • Paper tubes - TP tissue, paper towel and gift-wrap
    • Foam craft sheets - many colors
    • Magnet sheets - Make refrigerator magnets
    • Stiff Stencil - Paint repeating patterns on items, embroidery, latch-hook rug patterns
    • Felt sheets - Make filled or layered ornaments
  • Some Mediums & Tools to keep handy for the creative process.
    • Colorful Markers - fine to thick point
    • Wax Crayons - stock up around school sales
    • Water color sets - and plastic tablecloths
    • Chalk - many colors
    • Colored pencils - many colors
    • Tempura finger paints - primary colors - mixing to discover is half the fun
    • Paint brushes - fine tip to standard school size child's brush size at least.
    • Straws - paper not plastic
    • Tooth picks - age appropriate
    • Sponges - cut into shapes or purchase for blotting paint shapes
    • Needlepoint, embroidery thread and stretcher hoops
    • Puffy paint and glitter - to draw words, images and shapes on cloth
    • Wine corks
    • Celluclay - A handy pulverized paper product that resembles clay for paper mache'
    • Modeling clay - reusable, come in colors, good for making molds
    • Pottery clay - Only if you expect to use a kiln
    • Silicon molds and release spray
    • Wooden shapes - to paint for ornaments and gifts
    • Decal sheets for window decals
    • Cloth scrap pieces left overs from sewing
    • Clay modeling tools - ll sorts, combs, forks, dental picks, anything to make interesting cuts and patterns
    • Plain tee shirts